Malformations and stainings in teeth affect us negatively in daily life. According to the researches made, people reling on their teeth structure and smiles are more successful and feel happier.

Teeth implants, which are the closest alternatives to natural teeth, are the processes of placing teeth roots prepared from mainly titanium and titanium compounds into jawbone.

Porcelain laminas called as porcelain laminated, laminated teeth, lamina porcelain, lamina teeth, porcelain laminated veneer is the most preferred one of aesthetic dentistry.

The deformities and stains in the teeth affect us negatively in daily life. According to the researches, people who trust their teeth structure and smiles become more successful and happier.

Tretments of the people, who have deformations in their faces or jaws due to fractures, are performed and they are provided to have a good jaw and face structure again by treating them.

Gingiva infection is one of the problems affecting millions of people all over the world. If treatment is performed in time, they shall be prevented to turn into a serious problem.

Zirconium porcelain teeth coatings, ‘zirconium’ resistant to high forces and in natural tooth color is started to be used in dentistry by developments revealed by aesthetic dentistry.

Root canal treatment is the name given to cleaning nerves in accompany with sessions of teeth as known by the public.

Pedodontics is the specialty about child oral and dental health of dentistry. Child dentists are called ‘pedodontists’.