Implants are artificial teeth roots placed into jawbone in the place of lost teeth due to various reasons in order to provide their functions and aesthetic. Teeth, which are physically inseparable ad integrity-providing part of face aesthetic, may cause discomfort in terms of psychological and social environment as a result of losses experienced. It is observed that they cause nutritional, digestion problems and speaking disorder apart from these factors. Teeth deficiencies may be completed by implant supported prothesis as well as they may be completed by classical methods such as bridge prosthesis onnected to natural teeth or removable dentures.

Single or Multi Tooth Deficiency

Dentistanbul recommends that deficient tooth is treated by implant, which is more protective, instead of restoring by bridge if the treatment will be performed for a single tooth. Healthy teeth are required to be made smaller and they are required to be coated in order to perform bridge prosthesis. It is not an economical solution to replace these bridges in certain intervals. Alternatively treatment may be performed without damaging healthy teeth near deficient tooth by means of implants to be placed in the spece of deficient tooth or teeth.

Complete Toothlessness

Implant supported prosthesis, if there is no tooth in the mouth, may provide the comfort needed by the person since removable dentures are not used due to nauea reflex and holding of prosthesis is not sufficient.